Fast and Targeted idea generation

Each innovation project is usually individually tailored to a specific task. However, we offer a range of standardized formats for groups of different sizes and for different periods of time, ranging from an extended lunch break (“Lunch & Learn Session”) to 5-week concepts for MVP initiatives.


An inspiring experience - free of charge and with no obligation.

In this 90-minute interactive introduction, we will introduce you to our specially developed innovation method: Accelerated Design Thinking. We show you why you don’t need a “creativity gene”. Instead, thanks to scientifically proven “thinking tools”, you can break up old patterns of thought and develop new ideas – for products, processes, problem solutions or business areas. ADT can be aligned with almost any business objective.


Fun and inspiration: The lunch break with real added value.

This format brings a sense of optimism into your everyday working life. Our tools provoke the mind: they effectively break up old patterns of thought and inspire your team to think the unthinkable together. This allows you to systematically develop solutions with real added value for your innovation project.


Your customer's solution is your future business.

This format is the perfect support for two parties (B2B) that have the potential to benefit each other. These can be different departments of a company or two companies (client and customer). In contrast to the widespread approach (first solution, then need), this format does not first develop and then search for a potential customer.

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Added value and tangible results for your innovation project.

Familiarize yourself with a new way of thinking – with tools and principles that you can immediately apply to your innovation project. The classic ADT workshop is a mixture of targeted idea generation and training.


Strengthen your team and your company in a "Learning & Experience" session.

This format was developed for large groups but is also suitable for innovation projects at company level involving several stakeholders.


Boost your startup culture & create real tested MVPs in only 5 weeks.

Innovate in a real startup mentality in groups of 4-8 internal experts and a designated external startup management. From idea to concept to real tested MVP in only 5 weeks.


Unlock your innovation potential! Make innovation a sustainable process.

Together, we will develop a true culture of innovation that encompasses all areas of your company and is truly sustainable. That’s why we work with you on concrete projects and real results.

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