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Enjoyment and inspiration: The team snack with real added value.

This format brings a sense of optimism to your everyday home office life. Invite your team to this slightly different online meeting! We deliver a delicious organic snack (from Jalall D’or) to every colleague’s home and then let’s go. On this, approximately, one and a half hour innovation trip, we will delight your palate and spirit: You will learn about our pioneering innovation method Accelerated Design Thinking and can get involved interactively. Together we will break down cognitive fixations and think the unthinkable. You will be amazed at how quickly you can use our thinking tools to develop innovative ideas with real added value.
This incentive shows how much fun it is to learn new things!


  • Fast and targeted ideation
  • Concrete results with added value
  • Improved atmosphere leading to a real culture of innovation
  • Suitable for every project
  • Adaptable to the respective environment
  • Team members can join from anywhere in the world
  • Delicious snack from Jalall D’or
Snacks for Snack and Learn


  • 3 to 12 value-adding ideas
  • Around two hours
  • A maximum of 4-5 participants per session
  • Session usually takes place via zoom
  • One snack per participant included
  • Price: 950 Euro netto


  • Contact us
  • We plan your individual Snack & Learn session in a preliminary telephone call
  • Sending the snacks to your participants
  • Execution of your snack & learn session
  • Implement ideas


Then please contact us.


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