Your customers solution, your future business.

This B2B format is the perfect support for two parties (B2B) that have the potential to benefit each other. These can be different departments of a company or two companies (client and customer). In contrast to the widespread approach (first solution, then need), this format does not first develop and then search for a potential customer.

The co-creation project supports you and your (potential) business partner right from the start. We help you to work out a meaningful cooperation together. Your development and sales process gains a whole new strength and dynamic.


  • Systematic development of win-win solutions
  • Fast & Targeted co creation
  • Applicable to any assignment
  • Avoiding the “not invented here” syndrome


  • 30 – 50 value adding Ideas
  • 2-5 concepts for implementation
  • 2 days ideation workshop
  • 1 convergence workshop
  • 12-18 participants
  • 2-3 facilitators
  • Price: from 20,000 Euro netto


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