Systematic new thinking

With classic design thinking methods, customers are often observed to determine needs or “pain points”. In contrast, our own, more advanced method, Accelerated Design Thinking (ADT) uses the existing know-how in your company to systematically develop new ideas. We use proven scientific thinking tools to break up old patterns of thinking and develop ideas that cannot be developed using traditional customer survey processes. Because often the customer does not see the benefit of these ideas at first glance or the ideas are based on latent needs.
So we accelerate the innovation process tremendously by working directly with the experts from your company. With ADT you can create real innovations that go beyond step-by-step improvements, but still remain within the limits of what is feasible.


Strengthen yourself, your team and your company

ADT has combined and refined the world’s most successful methods for developing innovations and problem solutions. The method is based on scientific findings and enables the creation of a dynamic concept that can be flexibly adapted to almost any business objective.

ADT requires no market input

In classic innovation processes, an attempt is made to identify a need or a “pain point” in the market. ADT, on the other hand, builds on existing know-how (expertise of a company).

ADT reaches the target faster

Instead of time consuming “empathy phases” with ethnography, interview, shadowing or observation-techniques, ADT applies proven, targeted thinking tools, making it up to 50% faster than comparable traditional methods.

Anyone can do ADT

You don’t need a gene for creativity. With an experienced ADT moderator, every workshop participant can gain surprising and meaningful customer insights and develop innovative ideas.

ADT engages employees

By involving expert employees from within your company, you motivate, engage and develop them, and also generate true buy-in to the innovations.

ADT identifies hidden needs

In order to articulate a need, one first must be aware of it. ADT works like a search engine for hidden benefits and latent needs.

ADT breaks old patterns of thinking

ADT offers ten sophisticated “thinking tools” that give the innovation process a clear structure and eliminate thinking barriers. The initially unthinkable thus becomes conceivable.

ADT avoids “not invented here” syndrome

Instead of forcing new ideas on organizations and individuals, ADT involves all relevant stakeholders in the ideation process, resulting in a rewarding shared experience.

ADT accelerates innovation

Expert thinking is much more suited to solve a given problem rather than trying to identify a new challenge. That’s why ADT accelerates the search for new solutions by reversing the classic approach to innovation.


Combine, accelerate and succeed

Do you already work with an existing innovation method?

Accelerated Design Thinking also functions as a supplement or conclusion to other innovation methods. We can efficiently combine (partial) results that you have achieved, for example, through traditional Design Thinking, scenario planning, Scamper or TRIZ, with ADT and translate them with you into concrete, concentrated concepts. Unleash your innovative power with one of the best networked innovation methods worldwide.

  • ASIT Methode
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • CPS Creative Problem Solving
  • Design Thinking
  • Escape Method
  • Headstand methodology
  • Lateral Think
  • Morphological Analysis
  • Near Field integration
  • Osborn Checklist
  • Provocation Technique
  • Scenario Planing
  • Semantic Intuition
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • TRIZ
  • Walt Disney Method

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