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Do you want to accompany change, creativity and innovation processes in different settings in a well-founded and systematic way? We equip you with the right method and the necessary, extensive background knowledge to make every task a success, while at the same time generating enthusiasm and inspiration in all those involved. You will learn and apply one of the world’s most efficient innovation methods – Accelerated Design Thinking – in five modules in our certified ADT Facilitator Training.

The Certified ADT Facilitator training offers a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises in small groups, so that you can apply what you have learned directly and experience the powerful impact of the methodology in practice. Exercises and tasks accompanying the training, materials to read up on and networking with like-minded people ensure lasting learning success.


  • Trainer, consultant or coach and would like to expand your toolbox of methods in order to meet the variety of challenges of your customers and clients even more confidently?
  • an executive or manager in a medium-sized or multinational company, in touch with the topic of innovation, R&D, digitalization or change management and looking for a systematic, well-founded approach to idea generation?
  • working in the field of Learning & Development and interested in personal and professional development in innovation?
  • on the way to establishing or expanding your own business and would like to become better positioned in the field of Innovation & Change?


  • have a comprehensive understanding of the application and teaching of “Accelerated Design Thinking (ADT)”.
  • be able to apply the ADT Ideation Process and the ten effective ADT tools in practice and teach them to others.
  • be able to develop ideas and ready-made concepts for any challenge, project or business objective in a goal-oriented and structured way within a few days or even hours through systematic, creative thinking.
  • save teams from rampant post-it battles and instead work towards a common goal.
  • successfully design, conduct and follow-up on ADT workshops in terms of content and didactics for teams, groups and organizations.
  • be able to safely and effectively accompany processes in teams and groups of different sizes and know how to incite others to think the unthinkable.
  • Build and expand your business sustainably with a new toolbox containing all necessary materials and exercises.

As an innovation instigator, we do not just want to accompany innovation processes ourselves. It is a pleasure for us to help you get in shape and put others in the mood for change. To show you that creativity does not need a gene, but that anyone can think the unthinkable – with the right method and a good moderator. To this end, we have put existing methods to the test, researched, compiled meaningful examples and finally summarized, combined and developed everything in such a way that in future you will be able to accompany your team, your company or your business independently through the entire innovation process.

Make innovation happen – become the innovation instigator of tomorrow. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Your Trainers

Benedikt Pröll

Innovation instigator, ADT facilitator

As an experienced, passionate and international innovation expert, workshop moderator and lecturer, Benedikt Pröll has been supporting large and medium-sized companies in the areas of innovation management, problem solving and digital transformation for more than ten years. As an innovation instigator, he has been involved in more than 200 successful innovation projects around the world. His motto: Unleash your power to innovate!


Franziska Dittrich

Innovation instigator, ADT facilitator

As a systemic coach and trainer, Franziska Dittrich has turned her enthusiasm for lifelong learning and personal development into a profession.
Management, team and personal development in large and medium-sized companies are the focus of her work.
Change and innovation are her constant companions.
Her motto: "Be yourself the change you wish for this world!“

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