The Innovation Instigators

We are a team of innovation and communication experts, methodology specialists, workshop leaders and entrepreneurs. We are united by the pleasure we take in putting you in a spirit of renewal. Encouraging you to think the unthinkable. And to support you as you think the idea through to its conclusion.

Yes, we are “up to date”, but above all, we also bring many years of experience from working with medium-sized companies and international corporations.

We show you that creativity does not need a gene. With our ADT innovation method, we open up a new way of thinking and provide you with the tools and resources that will open up new horizons for your company in a sustainable way.

Benedikt Pröll

Managing Director

Benedikt is an experienced international innovation expert and workshop moderator. For more than 10 years he has supported large and medium-sized corporations in innovation management, digital transformation and problem solving in over 200 innovation projects around the globe.


Philipp Gasteiger

ADT Facilitator

Philipp is a qualified civil engineer and an expert in systematic innovation. As a methodology specialist he has been developing new solutions, products and transformation processes for large corporations and medium-sized companies for over 10 years.

Michael Held

Creative Director

Michael is a communication designer and UX specialist who connects design and strategy on a management consulting level. He has 10 years of agency experience and extensive knowledge of design and future topics. He is an expert in the area of digital communication and a versatile visionary.


Fabian Krenzler

ADT Facilitator

Fabian is a qualified information architect and digital communication expert. He has more than 15 years of experience in advising companies on digital transformation strategy and IT processes.

Brenda Andrade

Graphic Designer

Brenda is a graphic designer from Venezuela, she has a passion and talent for cutting through the noise in order to present complex things in a clear and attractive way.

Henrik Ågren

Industrial Designer

Henrik is an industrial designer with a talent for perfectly combining design and engineering in order to deliver surprising and innovative results.


Sebastian Schröder

Product Designer

Sebastian is a product designer and specialist in fast drawing. He can graphically present ideas in a matter of moments. For ten years he has been enriching workshops with his scribbled illustrations and his talent as a co-presenter.

Isabelle Graml

Art Director

Franziska Dittrich

ADT Facilitator

Sinem Rhein

Working Student


Combining systematic innovation & inspiring communication

Each assignment starts with us getting to know you. We want to find out about both your challenges and aspirations, your resources and limitations, your team members and culture. That way we’ll know exactly how we can help you, and can present you an offer tailored to your needs. Regardless of the precise constellation of our offer, new, value-adding ideas are guaranteed, and we’ll support you all the way from idea to prototype. We like to work in a structured, cooperative way, and, just as important, have fun!

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Are you a treasure hunter? Can you help guide companies to unlock the innovation within them. Then you might just be our new Innovation Manager.

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